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White Candles with Plant Decor
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Welcome to Saharan Scents, where we specialize in oud incense scented candles and more. Oud incense is an ancient woodsy, musk fragrance that's enchanting and  captivating.  Browse through our catalog today.

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The Sahara Desert, also known as The Greatest Desert, is the largest hot desert in the world located on the African continent. Sahara is derived from the arabic word for "desert". Incense is one of oldest uses of fragrances dating back thousands of years. The ancient Nubians used incense in varying walks of life. From royal processions to weddings, incense were a major part of our Sudanese history. Our brand is inspired by the diverse Saharan and sub-Saharan cultures of Sudan. Our incense, known locally as bakhoor, is usually comprised of sandalwood or agarwood marinated in various spices, floral oils, and sugar sprinkled on charcoal to create an enchanting scent that fills any room. Drawing from that rich history of making bakhoor, Saharan Scents has captured its luxurious fragrance in high quality, hand-crafted candles, wax melt cubes and traditional bakhoor. So whether it's a special occasion or just another day, let Saharan Scents captivate your atmosphere with our delightful fragrance.

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